How it's made?

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Kebab is a popular dish that has been enjoying great popularity worldwide for many years. In most cases, consumers think that it is an easy production process, but the reality is slightly different. Kebab production is a complex process that requires precision, involvement and skills.

The first stage of kebab production is meat preparation. Most kebabs are made of beef or veal, and some of them are made of poultry. The most important thing is to have fresh meat from known and reputable sources. In the case of beef kebab, in order to prepare the meat, some pieces are sliced and the rest of the meat is cut into smaller pieces and put into a special grinder, where it is minced with additives. Depending on the type of kebab, various spices can be added to the meat.

The next stage of kebab production is the creation of a characteristic shape. After preparing the meat and additives, the meat is arranged in such a way as to create a characteristic "cone" shape. In order to maintain a compact structure, many establishments use robots or machines that automatically form the cone. But also stick to traditional kebab making practices, which are made manually by the worker. Later in the production process, kebabs are subjected to deep freezing for a certain period of time depending on the size of the kebab.

When the kebab shape is ready, the next stage is baking the meat. In most cases, the kebab is baked on electric or gas burners, which allow the meat to be evenly baked. The kebab is baked on the burner for a certain amount of time until the meat is nicely browned and crispy. During baking, the meat is regularly checked to prevent burning of the kebab skin.

The last stage of kebab production is slicing. After baking the kebab, the meat is sliced into thinner slices.

In summary, kebab production is a complicated process that requires a lot of work and involvement. Thanks to the use of high-quality meat, spices and additives, as well as special devices for shaping the cone and baking the meat, kebab achieves perfect quality and taste.

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