Everyone knows what kebab is

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In turkish, kebab refers to various types of grilled or minced grilled meat with additions. This dish comes from Persia but quickly became popular in Turkey and the Middle East. Interestingly, kebab has its "cousins" both in Europe and South America. The "kebab family" includes:

  • Mexican Tacos,
  • Greek Gyros,
  • Japanese Yakitori,
  • Arabic Shoarama.

Caloric value of kebab

Kebab usually consists of meat, bread, vegetables, and sauce. These are typical ingredients of a traditional meal, which is why we often consume it in the afternoon. Usually, a serving of kebab contains over 850 calories, including about 35 grams of fat. Contrary to appearances, such caloric content does not make it unhealthy. Thanks to the content of vegetables and sauces made with yogurts, kebab provides us with many nutrients, such as:

  • Vitamins B1 and E,
  • Iron,
  • Folic acid.

Perfect kebab - the largest kebab in the world

Many of us, when we go for kebab, choose restaurants that serve the most impressive portions. For the kebab producer, this is a huge plus - larger portions, more customers, a greater demand for meat for a given restaurant, which translates into benefits for all links in the foodservice business. However, no fast-food kebab can compare to Turkish extravagance. The largest kebab in the world was prepared in Ankara. It measured 2.6 meters, weighed 1198 kg, and was overseen by as many as 10 chefs!

Platinum kebab

Kebab producers and chefs compete to surprise their customers. Andy Beats from East London decided to create a kebab made of the most exquisite ingredients, while maintaining the traditional form of the dish. He used the following for his kebab:

  • Natural olive oil,
  • Feta cheese from a barrel,
  • Saffron,
  • Oxheart-shaped tomatoes,
  • Chili peppers,
  • Salad of lettuce and watercress, cucumber, salsa, garlic, lettuce, lemon and mint,
  • Yogurt sauce,
  • Ground lamb shoulder,
  • Edible platinum flakes,
  • Krug champagne,
  • Purple tomatoes.

This composition can be purchased in Stockwell for "only" £ 750.

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